Producer tips: Free VSTi synthesizer “Oatmeal”

A short while ago I came across a free VST-instrument called “Oatmeal”. This software synthesizer developed by Fuzzpilz is available for free, though you can donate any amount you like at their download-page.

I have tried many free VST-synthesizers already and a high number of them ended up in the trashcan, but Oatmeal is about to become one of my absolute favourites (right behind the Superwave P8 perhaps). Having used it in some of my most recent hardtekkno productions (“Acid Aftermath” and “The Ballad Of The Boring C*nt”) plus a couple of other (until now unfinished) projects, I now realise that I cannot imagine life without Oatmeal anymore. This plug-in is a powerful piece of software which has got a lot to offer.

No matter if I am in need of creating smooth pads, raw percussive synth-sounds, a smashing lead or stabs to spice up my track, Oatmeal usually gives me great results after a bit of tweaking. If one feels unhappy about the self-made sounds, there is an option to create random sounds too. I was amazed to find out that many of the random synth-sounds that came up are actually extremely useful.

Unfortunately the default-interface looks ugly to say the least, but Fuzzpilz took that into consideration and give you the choice to change the looks by downloading a different skin. After some searching I found my favourite one right here.

My personal conclusion is, that Oatmeal can be recommended to any electronic producer looking to extend the virtual studio-setup by adding an actually useful and great-sounding free-synth.

This YouTube-video below demonstrates some of the sounds that you can squeeze out of Oatmeal:

Download the amazing Oatmeal synth from this page! (which is a place on the web every computer-musician should watch) has got a vast amount of different soundbanks for Oatmeal too. See here!

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