Jackhamma – “Tunnel Vision – The HardtraX Remixes” out now!

Cover - Tunnel Vision Front

At times some productions turn out to be classic, epic tunes and “Tunnel Vision” by Jackhamma is definitely one of them. The Dark Force Recordings co-founder created a percussive, relentlessly pounding piece of hardtekkno with a hypnotic synthline as its trademark-sound, clearly showing that the genre has got more to offer than just boring filter-sweeps and looped vocal-snippets layered on top of ever same-sounding drumloops. Continue reading

HardtraX vs. Satyriasis – “In Your Dying Days” out soon on Predator Rec.

Good news for all you hardtekkno-heads out there! The Croatian label “Predator” is going to release a fine four-tracker EP created by the Australian tekkno-producer Robert Clark aka Satyriasis and myself.

HardtraX vs. Satyriasis

Next year, “In Your Dying Days” hits Beatport in four different flavours. The swift-paced HardtraX vs. Satyriasis Original Mix is joined by three additional versions, each with their very own and entirely different style.

And the tracklist goes like this: Continue reading

HardtraX album “Rude And Direct” out now on Bandcamp

I know it took a lot longer than expected, but just in time for Christmas 2013 it has been done: “Rude And Direct” is out at last! Finally available for sale via Bandcamp, this 12-tracker is my latest album after “What I Stand For Speaks For Itself”, “The Advocate Of Hate”, “Fuel My Temper” and “Ballet Of Aggressions”. Once again entirely dedicated to the “dark hardtekkno”-style.

As usual, I applied a lot of last minute changes to the album and quickly rushed out a different artwork than the one I initially had in mind (that one was a much more minimalistic approach – see my previous post). I just did not feel that my earlier draft was suitable anymore, since it just did not go well with the included music.

Before you go off to buy the album from Bandcamp (or most probably not), I have got a few (boring? unimportant? weird?) facts about “Rude And Direct” for you… Continue reading

First update to the blog since ages

I know there have not been any new posts to this blog since March 2012. Many links are dead, lots of hardtekkno-related websites went down, downloads are disabled by now etc. During the last 21 months people still kept adding me as friends, dropped comments to this site (which were not published since I was not around to approve them), subscribed to this blog, followed me on Twitter, Mixcloud and on SoundCloud too. I guess it is finally time to bring the HardtraX-blog back to life again. Continue reading

Review: Studio Wormbone Sample-Packs

As a creative producer you are always on a quest to find new ways to break out of your usual producing-habits, in order to avoid boring your listeners to death with the 13261st tune that sounds exactly like your previous productions. Sometimes sample-packages can represent a good way to find the desperately needed inspiration. In this article we are going to have a closer look (and listen) at three outstanding sample-packages created by the US-based production-house “Studio Wormbone” run by sound-engineer Trevor Dutton: “Atmospherix: Ominous Environments”, “Droid Artworx” and “Cybernetic”.

Continue reading

Free VSTi “Latte Free”: A synth with a vintage touch

I know that my last article in the category “Producer Tips” was published quite a long time ago, so this is why I want to point you towards a virtual synthesizer that tries to simulate a certain analogue sound: “Latte Free” is a synth with a “vintage touch” if you want to call it that way. Continue reading

Ballet Of Aggressions – Free 2 CD album by HardtraX

Together with my friends at Hardtechno.lt I am very proud to announce that my new double-disc album “Ballet Of Aggressions” has been released today. After a long time working on a concept for a new release to celebrate the last 15 years I have spent with the production of tekkno-music, you can now listen to the result of several months of hard work (and many sleepless nights).

With this new album for 2012 you receive no less than 34 tracks on two CDs. To obtain the album I am not charging you 20 Euros, not 15 Dollars, not 800 Yen and not even 10 Pesos… Since I am not only totally crazy, but also enjoy the kind help from Lithuania’s first scene-portal Hardtechno.lt, I give this one out to you for free! Continue reading

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